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Rhapsody In Taps is a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation.
Your tax-deductible contributions help support the company's performances
as well as its professional development activities.

RIT Administration and Staff
Linda Sohl-Ellison, Artistic & Administrative Director
Mason & Gatto Inc.,
Certified Public Accountants
Carolyn Clarke, Marketing Director
Landon T. Vo, Administrative Marketing Assistant
Myra DeTate, Grantwriter
Brock Cilley, Technical Director/Lighting Designer
John Feinstein, Sound Designer
Ro George, Costume Designer
Signe Johnson, Graphic Designer
Gabe Copeland, Web Master
Photographers: Gregory R.R. Crosby, Jack Hartin, Nhan Nguyen,
Videographer: David Sukonick

Board of Directors
Ted Baker, Carolyn Clarke, Leslie Clifford, Molly Comin, Myra DeTate, Mitchell Griner, Aliza Lesser,
Marsha Rebney, Linda Sohl-Ellison

Advisory Board
Arthur Duncan, Kay Davis, Judy Tibbles, Phil Wright

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